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BBS 013: How to Do Monthly Blog Review

In this episode we review the month that was. Each and every month 2 blogging besties get together to review how business went.

Looking back is as important (if not more important) than planning and looking forward. 

Seeing what worked (and what didn’t) and taking the mindset ”why didn’t that work?” and ”why did that work?” Taking note so that each time, each money, improve on what previously done.

It is absolutely essential to our (and everyone’s) blog + business to always will be.

Because it is like a 100m sprint. How do you know once you have reached the end line, if you don’t have a start line? Reviewing each month in the start line.

Here is how we do it. 

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In this episode, we discuss:

–> How business was in August for Claire + Rebekah

–> What worked & what didn’t? (And what to do about it or do differently next time!)

–> Why it is so important to have a blogging friend/bestie to help review your business

–> Does setting income goals really work? And Rebekah’s $13,000 September income goal!

–> $5k Bakers Blog Formula: Get traffic + get followers + make money from a  blog. While juggling it all. (Like Rebekah.) Read more + enrol here.

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