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BBS 011: Top 5 Biggest Mistakes (When Launching)

In this episode, we talk the top 5 biggest mistakes when launching, for selling online – books, courses, workshops, tutorials, that is costing you $ thousands of dollars and heaps of sales! 

In the previous episode (session 9), Krystle and I shared about our latest ”launch” of an online course. We reviewed our 2-week promo which made $4272. In part 2, in the episode (session 10), are 3 list building tips to grow an email mailing list for the next round and launch of the online course in a couple of months.

I’ve launched for years (I’d say at least 100 times) and I would like to think I have learned a lot. Plus watching others launch in those years.

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In this episode, we discuss:

–> Top 5 biggest mistakes that are costing you $ thousands of dollars and losing heaps of sales!

–> How I make $5,000+ per month selling digital products, without Facebook advertising, without cheesy-used-car-salesman tactics (and no staff and no stress)!

–> The eCourse that sold 38 spots and $2000 in sales (with no website page) and has since made me $10,000+.

–> Mini eBook bundle that I doubled in price (& how it sold MORE).

–> How I went from $59.50 in selling tutorials to $40,000+ in 2 years!

–> How to avoid + fix the biggest mistakes and outsell + sell out your next launch!

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Grab our Blog Business Toolkit

How to go from a hobby blogger to making a KILLING with in 3 Days Flat!