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Keyword Research Training

How to find out what your keywords are, what are sets of keywords, without using any annoying tools or programs (hint: complete free) strategy to do keyword research.

SEO Images & Photos

How I SEO my images and photos, meaning I optimise them for searchability and Google-ability so that people can find my website and articles through images.

SEO Plugin

In this training I show you which 2 SEO plugins I use and recommend and how exactly I fill them in.

Adding a Blog Post Example

How to add a blog post and SEO the post, images and fill in the plugin – all under 20 minutes!

Blog Roll & Widgets Training

See what I mean when I talk about ‘blog roll’ and widgets and how exactly that helps SEO.

Training Module Categories

Setting up and starting a blog (website) and what you need to know. 

Growth hacks for your blog + business. 

What social media you should use and get results from. 

How to monetise (make the money $) from your blog + business. 

Setting up and starting a business and what you need to know. 

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