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How to create a Pinterest business account (here).

It will open in new screen. Right click and ‘save image as’ and save into a folder (here).

It will open in new screen. Right click and ‘save image as’ and save into a folder (here).

Claire K Creations (here).

Rebekah Allan blogging + business (here).

Angel Foods cakes + bakery business (here).


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How to get Google #1 ranking (here). 

How to take better photos for your blog (here). 

How to Add ‘Pin it’ Button to WordPress Website

Step-by-step video training on what plugin to use and how to add it to your website.

How to Create Long Pinterest Pin

I show you how I use PicMonkey (it was free) to create the long Pinterest pin that takes up more of the Pinterest news feed and more likely to be pinned and clicked!

On-demand webinar training on what to blog about for your website and online business.

How to Add Long Pinterest Image to Website

Breaking down every further of the Pinterest strategy and getting that huge long Pinterest pin on your website so that it looks good!

How to Add Keywords & Description to Pinterest Pins

Google & Pinterest can’t read images and what it is displaying, so filling in the description is really important – here is how to find the right words.

My 10 Minutes Per Day Re-Pin Strategy

Exact step-by-step instructions of what I do daily on Pinterest, that takes less than 10 minutes and gets you results (read: traffic to your website, more email subscribers & customers!)

How to Schedule Pinterest using Tailwind App (Tutorial)

When I go to a new blog post I can hover over an image and schedule right from there. (When you sign up to Tailwind app it will automatically prompt you to add this button & its very easy!) Sign up to Tailwind app here.

Additional Resources

Get the free trail of Tailwind app (here).

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Setting up and starting a blog (website) and what you need to know. 

Growth hacks for your blog + business. 

What social media you should use and get results from. 

How to monetise (make the money $) from your blog + business. 

Setting up and starting a business and what you need to know. 

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