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ConvertKit demo & review

We use and recommend ConvertKit as our email service providers. Here’s why.


Top 10 Opt-in spots PDF (here)

Content Upgrades

Step-by-step video training on how to add a content upgrade, otherwise known as a blog specific opt in, to your blog posts and articles using ConvertKit. (Tip – it takes me less than 10 minutes per blog post).

How to Create a Landing Page in 2 Minutes!

In this video I show you how I create a new opt in or new landing page in 2 minutes flat, using ConvertKit. (No need to purchase LeadPages!)

How to add Landing Page to Website

That opt in above, that took minutes to create? Takes 5 seconds to add to your website. Yes, it really is that easy. Here’s how…

Training Module Categories

Setting up and starting a blog (website) and what you need to know. 

Growth hacks for your blog + business. 

What social media you should use and get results from. 

How to monetise (make the money $) from your blog + business. 

Setting up and starting a business and what you need to know. 

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