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How to take better photos for your blog (here). 

Steps for how I made $871.13 from Craftsy.

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Overview of ShareASale and How to Create Custom Link

Behind the scenes of my ShareASale dashboard and how I can see how much money I have made, what sales and purchases I have (and from where) and also how to create a (trackable) affiliate link (the small sexy link, not the long, janky, spammy looking link.)

How to Add Images and Hyperlink your Affiliate Link on Your WordPress Website

How to add your affiliate link to a blog post & review as well as images and website banner ads that click through to your affiliate link.

Examples of Blog Posts & Reviews

How to write a banging (converting) review that people will click on. 

Note – as of 2016, Craftsy no longer offer 1-off discounts for affiliates. Instead they ask affiliates to utilise or use the website discounts.

Email Newsletter

How to email out the review to subscribers and advertise Craftsy in email newsletters.

Auto-Playing Facebook

Bonus Training: the secret to auto-playing videos on Facebook, exactly how I do it, takes less than 10 minutes and you can schedule in advance!

Training Module Categories

Setting up and starting a blog (website) and what you need to know. 

Growth hacks for your blog + business. 

What social media you should use and get results from. 

How to monetise (make the money $) from your blog + business. 

Setting up and starting a business and what you need to know. 

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