$5k blog formula

Go from less than $1,000 to $5,000 per month from your blog in 12 months!


Get traffic. Get followers. Make money. 

While juggling it all.

How to blog + get your blog out there + get more traffic & followers + how to make money daily (even while sleeping)


NO bull. No staff or employees. Without spending $1000’s on advertising.

How to have a successful, profitable blog and business.

From 2 professional bloggers.

Doing this for 15+ years combined.

With Rebekah from Angel Foods making $7,000+ per month and Claire from Blog Business School, earning PT income with 2 kids under 5.


Tearing your hair out trying to get web traffic? Where are those followers hiding out?!

How do I make sales so there’s money in the bank AND find the time to do it all!

Do any of these sound familiar?

What if you could:

Get traffic. Easily and relatively stress free. And it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Get followers. Without spending $1000s on advertising, easily & without being cheesy.

Find the time to do it all, while juggling life! Giving the hubby and kids quality time, time for ‘you-time’, time for business (all while having no all-nighters!) 

Find your ‘niche. aFinding the right customers who love what you do, what you say & buy your products.  Finding the *right* customers who don’t compare you to the supermarket.

Make profit for expansion and growth… like courses, equipment (new kitchen maybe?), holidays and cash flowing rather than disappearing. 

Kick doubt and fear to the curb, have confidence out the wazoo and *finally* have support from those who doubted you (including yourself)!

”I made $10,000 from blogging in 1 month! And one of the major reasons I hit my goal?  Rebekah.

She asked me what I could do to increase my income.

She challenged me and encouraged me and inspired me & held me accountable weekly.  

She really pushed me and if it weren’t for her, during the last week of the month, I’d have come up short on my goal by just a few hundred dollars. 

But I didn’t… I hit the goal and a dream came true.  I’m so thankful to God for giving me this wonderful job of blogging.  

I’m also thankful for Rebekah and having a friend who pushed me!”

~ Rose Atwater | Rose Bakes

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Before we head into the nuts and bolts of $5k Blog Formula let us introduce ourselves.

Hi! I'm Rebekah Allan

Currently I am best known for my Angel Foods website. I have actually 5 websites and basically I talk about cakes + business all day, every day! The best job ever, right?

The highlight reel is that that I quit my day job in October 2016, retired my boyfriend from his job in April 2017 and I fully support my family and a mortgage. I know make $7,000+ per month. All thanks to my online business.

And added a blog to the side, with recipes, tutorials and tips. I believe (& know) anyone can make great cakes, great money from cakes and great money from a blog. With positive support + cake business know-how unlocking the HOW.

I get 80,000 page views per month, have Google ranking #1 (for hundreds sets of keywords), have 6,200+ Pinterest followers, 1.2 million YouTube views, 22,000 members in my Facebook group, over 700+ paying monthly members, sell eBooks, eCourses, workshops, video tutorials (plus more) DAILY.  

It is my goal to help Cakers grow their own business/es, so that it is profitable and fun.  It is your dream, turned into reality with some help …

Think of me like a mentor or life coach (or my personal fav, a PT, Personal Trainer for your cake business!)

Together you get 2 teachers, 2 mentors, 2 bloggers to help you have a banging online business!

Hey! I'm Claire Cameron

I run the blog Claire K Creations and membership site The Household Revolution and in my 8 years of blogging business, I have learned what works and what doesn’t.

Starting with an audience of probably just my Mum and boyfriend (now hubs) I now have more than 40,000 page views a month, 1.1m Pinterest viewers 2000+ email list and equalled my corporate income (without the boss!).

I learned how to get my blog ‘out there’ and become known.

I have the confidence to price my products & services for profit and I sell every month.

I understand the struggle of building your blog when you first start out. What to write (and how?!?), the tech, promotions, email marketing, social media… I’ve been there, stressed and confused and I’ve come out the other side.

I know how hard it is to run a business, a household (that’s why I started The Household Revolution) and find time for all-the-things, including yourself!

I ‘do it all’ working just two days a week while my little boys are at daycare.

It’s all about spending my limited time in the right things. The things that will move the needle forward in my business and getting rid of all the things that don’t and help my customers in the best way possible.

For both of us starting out was always a puzzle. Where were those clients hanging out? And why was there no cash in my pocket?

I don’t know if it was ego or empty wallet, but I was a woman on a mission to flip this! 

Throughout trial, error and friendship we learned some hard lessons and became besties along the way.

I learned how to price, market and sell with confidence (and I’m an introvert!).

~ Rebekah

”As a sufferer of chronic ‘bright shiny object’ syndrome, Rebekah helped me to map out all of my ideas and filter out the money makers versus the time waster projects.


As a result my focus on my business completely shifted, and brought me a massive sense of clarity and direction.


My next launch was a HUGE success all thanks to Rebekah. Rebekah’s approach to coaching is not just the professional but takes all of my life goals into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my business. Rebekah is just pure awesomeness!”

~ Michele | DynamicBusinessWomen.com

Here's what you'll get

$5k Blog Formula: Get traffic. Get followers. Make money. While juggling it all.


An 8-week live course, starting 31 October 2018, teaching how to go from less than $1000 from your blog to $5,000 per month in 12 months + how to blog + get your blog out there + get more traffic & followers + make money daily (while sleeping).

With no bull. No staff. No $ advertising.

Earn this each & every month

Each one of these are ridiculously easy, step-by-step trainings that leave no room for guess-work.

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$5k Blog Formula. course includes :

Module 1: Find Your Niche

Get super clear and it makes writing easy-peasy. If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you may as well be talking to no one! 

We will help you find your niche, what you specialise in and rock at, that people will follow you and can’t wait to hear from you (and maybe don’t know what it is yet!) 

Plus how to make your investment back in the first 24 hours. Yep, make $200 in 24 hours… you literally have nothing to lose + everything ($) to gain!

Module 2: The 20 Minute Blog Post

We’ll show you how to be a content creation machine, and how to write blog posts in 20 minutes.

Exactly what you everything you need to know to start creating content, blogging regularly and getting traffic to your website. That your readers will love!

Including blog template + examples + list of blog post ideas, a formula for blog post success and your first blog post. 

Module 3: The Techy Website Stuff (that is easier than you think!)

The #1 best website for blogging to get traffic.

With step-by-step video training of behind-the-scenes of our websites.

We will be publishing your blog posts (that Google loves!) 

Including a content calendar (how often to publish), how to load images and ‘tag’ them. 


Module 4: How to Get Google #1 #2 #3 ranking

9 steps to Google ranking with the exact formula Rebekah uses to get Google #1 ranking (and what that means) on multiple posts. 
Walk away with a simple SEO plan you can start implementing right away, that only takes 5 minutes max per blog!

Module 5: Build Mailing List Followers

”The money is in the list!”
Capturing email addresses is one of the most important things you can be doing in your business. We’ll show you exactly how to do it, with a ”script formula” on how to create your free offer, the top 10 spots on your website to be collecting email addresses and how to market + promote your opt-ins so you can grow your email list daily.

Module 6 : Photography & Video 101

A picture is worth 1000 words (except if it’s a really average one). We’ll get you taking photos like a pro without any special equipment or expensive tools. Even if you only have a smartphone you can create beautiful photos for your blog. 
Video is the #1 way to connect with your audience. We’ll give you a complete guide to video 101 including how to shoot, lighting tips, editing and how to actually load your video to your blog or social media. 

Module 7: Get social – Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook

Where to start with social media and the best platforms for you and your blog.
Plus get my Pinterest Powerhouse: with how I 5 x timed website traffic in 6 weeks, in less than 10 minutes a day. 
Set up and manage your Instagram account so that you can grow your following while you sleep. 
How FB groups drive people to your blog and turn them into customers. 

Module 8: $5000 months in 12 months 

How to turn your website into a money making machine.
We talk all things money – ad revenue (advertising on website), sponsorship, eBooks, eCourses, video tutorials.
What to sell, for how much and how to go about selling it and how to set it all up so it works on autopilot and repeat (making money daily while sleeping!). 

BONUS Module: Profitable Blog in 60 Days or Less

The simple formula + system for profitability. (Honestly, it is soooo simple, you are going to love it!)
How to have so that you make a profit EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. 



The Recipe Collection eCourse

Get your recipe collection under control. Organise all your recipes in one place to make them easy to search, share and take on-the-go.



No longer spend for-ev-er searching for that recipe.

Have more shelf space – no more piles of magazines, cookbooks & clippings – more room for other things you love.

Never again forget where you put a recipe, you’ll know exactly where it is (because they’re all in the same place) and be able to access it in just a few seconds.

Have everything you need to make meal planning super simple – right in your smart phone or on your computer.

Be able to save recipes found on the web, in magazines, cookbooks and even handwritten recipes, in under a minute, no matter where you are (as long as you have your smartphone).

Valued at $29


Markets & Events: How I made $1200 regularly

I’ll show you how to maximise sales, get your name out there, reduce wastage and get orders booked in! 

How to sell out and & outsell the competition.



Know what you need to take, what signage, how much to sell (how many cupcakes) & how much can you $$$ make? 

How to get more orders on the day PLUS make more sales!

Valued at $97


Recipe Book collection

Get a bundle of recipe books for your baking business!


33 best selling Angel Foods recipes (including my #1 bestseller that sold 80% of the time!)


Special Diets eBook: How to Cater to Special Diets (Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Vegan), including 40+ Recipes Sweet & Savory


Valued at $15 + $27 + $18


Booked Out Workshop

How I became fully booked out (without 1 custom cake order) & franchised at 9 months into business!


With my secret Rainbow Layer Money Maker techniques!


Valued at $47 


Budgeting workshop

I’ll show you how to take control of your money so that you can be less stressed, more organised, start saving and stop freaking out at the thought of checking your internet banking.


Valued at $24

more TRaffic

Make money

less stress

more followers

24/7 support

have fun

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Frequently asked questions

The advertised prices are in AUD and the 2 options are $197 and $347 with payment plans available. The cost will automatically convert at checkout to your currency. Feel free to Google how much that converts to in your currency. The early bird discount is 50% off until 5 September 2018.

This training is universal and international. We teach different strategies that work globally. 

Not for about 2 months. 

Yep, yep! You will get instant access to the replay, which you can watch afterwards, as many times as you wish, at any time that suits you best.

You have the choice of mentor – either Rebekah or Claire. Once you sign up we will contact you and ask who you would like to book in and that mentor will contact you to book in a time that suits you best.

There is a minimum number of 10 students required to run this course. If there are not enough students by 1 November 2018, then anyone who has paid will receive a full refund on the 2 November 2018.

P.M.S. can suit a lot of people. Not just people around $1,000 per month (between $100 – $2000 per month). For people who are making over $2,000 per month from their blog, consistently, we don’t feel we can best help them or serve them, because they are already on their way to $5,000 months in 12 months!

But people who are earning inconsistent, low amount of sales, $5k Bakers Blog Formula is perfect for you. If you earn any amount $ (at all) inconsistently = ALL ABOARD the $5k Bakers Blog train!

That’s ok. We’re starting from the basics of blogging so you can start right along from the beginning. 

BBS is a self-study + self-paced low price option ($18 p/m) with on-demand training modules on growing a blog business.
$5k BBF is a live 2-month course starting September 2018 (At $197 it is a different price). With different features and benefits: 2 teachers/mentors/bloggers/coaches to guide you through the 8 module program to achieve an outcome of $5,000 in 12 months. With workshops + Q&A. It is extra support, guidance, with resources + advice to be motivated and inspired by hard-earned experience.

BBS = cheapest self-study DIY option.

$5k BBF = a “done-with-you” option.

In the first 24 hours, we will teach you how to make your money back with 8 quick (easy) tips and that with any 1 (one) of these tips you will make your money back! So you really don’t have anything to loose 🙂 (plus it is a tax deduction!)

For payment plan people, please give me 24 hours to process your transaction and to add you to the course.

Feel free to email Rebekah – rebekah@angelfoods.net or Claire – claire@clairekcreations.com 


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